Christmas Magical Mailbox For North Pole Mail Deliveries

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This is our featured product for Christmas!  This magical mailbox will deliver all mail directly to Santa in the North Pole!  A must have product for every child that believes in Santa Clause. Just place your child’s letter into the envelope that is provided, then into the mailbox and close the lid. Once you raise the flag, magical music comes on and when the music is done, lower the flag, open the door and your envelope has disappeared! Your letter has gone “air mail” to Santa!  This mailbox is well designed so that even an adult has a difficult time figuring out how the envelope has disappeared!  Enjoy this Christmas through the eyes of a child!  It will be a magical experience for all! Requires 4 AA batteries.  9.5” x 7.75” x 6”

***NOTE:  This is a one of a kind item. If this item is currently sold out or you would like to purchase more than one item, please contact